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    Arquillian warp, changing component state during a phase


      I want to test some complex navigation rules depending on a component

      state, is that supposed to work:

      What disturbs me is the method name "verify" + the interface name

      ServerAssertion which tend to imply we should not update any server

      state there.


           public void testWin() { 
               Warp.execute(new ClientAction() { 
                   public void action() { 
                       browser.navigate().to(deploymentURL + "aPage.jsf"); 
                       WebElement button = 
                       // very simple UI interaction 
               }).verify(new ServerSideAction()); 
               // Assertion on where I am now 
           public static class ServerSideAction extends ServerAssertion { 
               private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L; 
              ImportantComponent component; 
               public void updateComponentState() {