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    Connect using jBPM5 Java API to processes deployed to the JBoss AS

    Vlad Georgescu Newbie

      I have installed and ran the demo successfully. 


      However, all the examples I see is how to create a KnowledgeBase from an .bpmn2 process definition that resides locally on the classpath.


      I really need to be able to connect to the processes deployed on the Application Servers.  It is these processes that I want to be able to start and get state information in my Java application.


      For example, I have created a process called new-test.bpmn2 which resides in a package called test. I have created this process using the JBoss Guvnor web console. I see this process as an asset using the JBoss Guvnor console.  I can also see this process definition via the jBPM web console.  I can start this process via the jBPM web console...no problems.


      However, I cannot find a way to connect from my Java application to the JBoss Guvnor repository.  I need to be able to start process instances of the process definitions deployed in Jboss and not from files residing on the classpath.


      I'm not sure I'm using all the right terms but I need some help.  Thanx.