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    Portlet headers are not included just after adding a portlet to a page

    donino doninos Newbie



      I work on a portlet project, with Gatein it makes use of the "doHeaders" method to include javascript and css files. All works perfectly with Gatein 3.3 final: when i add this portlet to a page i can access its edit mode in the page editor:


      But with 3.4 M01 and 3.4 final when i add a portlet to a page, its javascript and css are not included, and then the edit mode does not work. Though if i save the page the "view mode" is correctly displayed. And then by switching back to the page editor, this time the "edit mode" will work: this issue only happens just after adding the portlet to a page (and if there was not already another portlet instance on the same page).


      Is it a known issue? Is there a workaround? Any help will be much appreciated!