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    Concurrent calls on one entity instance, once again

    Lennart Petersson Novice

      Stateful sessionbean has a method doFindSomething(). TX is Supports, but the client calling the sessionbean will not create a TX.

      doFindSomething() calls a finder on an entity bean.

      There is plenty of clients using this session bean at the same time and asking for the same entity.

      The entity bean has reentrant set to true.

      During the entity's ejbLoad() there is a lot of stuff going on, so it takes a while.

      Now to my question: Is it a correct behavior that there is concurrent use of this one entity instance by many of the clients during the ejbLoad() method? Well, that is what happens.

      If i change reentrant tag to false, there is no concurrent use of the entity bean.

      Shouldn't reentrant only allow concurrent use within same tx context? But maybe that is what happens when not having a tx started on the session bean method?

      Using JBoss 2.4.0.