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    POM : droolsjbpm-parent : maven-enforcer-plugin (goal "enforce") is ignored by m2e




      I have a maven eclipse problem with the "jbpm-examples" of the GitHub repository (Version = 5.3.0.Final). I found a solution that consists on add the following code in the POM :


                      <ignore />


      but I can't modify the POM of "droolsjbpm_parent".

      If somebody encounter this problem and have a solution or a way it ill be very nice.


      Also, I don't know if it is linked to the maven problem but the library of "org.jbpm.process.workitem" and "org.jbpm.task" are not added and so the imports failed.

      But when I go to the console and use the command mvn clean package the examples compile and create well the jar in the target folder.


      B. Regards,