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    Connection did not close under jboss3.0.0alpha+PostgreSQL

    brian Newbie

      I am using jboss 3.0.0 alpha running a small program. There is a many-to-many relationship. I use two local entity EJBs and one remote stateful session EJB to manage the two local beans. My client ap connects to the remote EJBs to retrieve information about the two local entity beans from PostgreSQL db.

      After running several times of the application in the processes of debugging, PostgreSQL warned that (1)too many clients (2)too many open files in system. For warning one, I increased the buffer size and maximum connections to 512 and 256, respectively. For warning two, I found there are 125 open connections remained.

      What should I do to solve the problem? Please help.

      Thanks and best Regards,