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    Minimal installation of CDI ...

    arvidj Newbie

      My goal is to add CDI development support to an existing instance of Juno. What are the minimal items that I need to select to accomplish this myopic goal? If there is "recommended" set selections for CDI support beyond the minimum that would also be appreciated. The existing development environment is based on Maven, Spring JPA on top of Hibernate with a UI based on JSF 2.1, myFaces 2.1.9 and PrimeFaces 3.4.1 with the deployment environment being WebSphere 8.0 which is why an "install, all" is not a rational option.


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          Alexey Kazakov Master


          The minimum set of recomended plugins for your envirement would be:

          1. Context and Dependency Injection Tools

          2. Hibernate Tools

          3. JBoss Maven CDI Configurator

          4. JBoss Maven Hibernate Configurator

          5. JBoss Maven Integration

          6. JBoss Maven JPA Configurator

          7. JBoss Maven JSF Configurator

          8. JBoss Tools Java Standard Tools.

          9. JBoss Tools JSF

          10. JBoss Tools Maven Packaging Configurator

          11. JBoss Tools Maven Source Lookup

          12. JBoss Tools Visial Page Editor

          13. Maven Profie Managment


          I also would recomend you to install

          14. JBoss Central Community and its dependencies

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            arvidj Newbie

            Thanks very much for the insight and guidance. We'll will install these items and should be able to move forward.