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    JPA Entity(hibernate) update is not replicated with REPL_SYNC cache mode


      Dear JBoss users,


      I am using jboss AS 5.0 and I have the following issue :


      I am working on POF with having stateless session bean in cluster (round robin) in front of the hibernate-jpa. The second level cache is turned on.

      I have tried all cache configuration (optimistic-shared, pessimistic-shared, optimistic-entity, etc...), but I do experience in all cases that the Entity update does not get synced/invalidated on the other node. When a new item is added to the cache it is always replicated well, but the entity update does not. So this means that on only one node the second level cache is updated on the other node the old data remains. So when after the entity update I make the call to the session beans on the different nodes they return different data for the same entity. On the node which received the entity update call everything is fine, however the other node does not receive any notification about the update. I turned the org.hibernate.cache log to INFO and I see "externalPutRead" command notification when a new item is added to the cache on the other node, however I see nothing when the entity is updated by the other node. My JPA Entity's cache configuration is TRANSACTIONAL and the JPA EntityManager access is done in REQUIRED transaction in the session bean. Do I miss anything?


      Thanks for any comment.


      regards, Miklos