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    How to assign a custom role for LDAP users




      The LDAP users are accessed in GateIn 3.2.

      To obtain LDAP users, we uncommented the following piece of code in idm-configuration.xml (GateIn-3.2.0.Final-jbossas5\server\default\deploy\gatein.ear\02portal.war\WEB-INF\conf)






      A new group called /acme/roles is created and configured it in picketlink-idm-msad-readonly-config.xml




      But now, it is seen that all the LDAP users are assigned to the group '/acme/roles' with membershiptype 'member'.

      Can we assign a custom membershiptype( a membershiptype created by ourselves, say 'test' ) to such users while obtaining itself?

      In short, the users obtained should be assigned


      Group ID   -  acme/roles

      Membershiptype   -  test



      Thanks in advance..