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    JBPM 5.1 Terminate Event fail

    Diego Aguirre Newbie

      I have a simple process wich, given some condition, reach a Terminate Evenet.

      Te problem is that, when this happens, it tries to skip the pendig Tasks, but fail with this error message:

      User '[User:'Administrator']' does not have permissions to execution operation 'Skip' on task xxxx

      The task are not assigned to Administrator, since there are other users involved.

      I havent created the user Administrator since it is already createn on the human task service database, and for now i am creating my process users adding them in the same table wich has worked fine so far..

      What can be happening or this is normal and i am missing something?

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          Maciej Swiderski Master

          yes, this was the problem that on abort of task (work item) skip operation is issued with administrator as the requestor. Although when your task does not allow to be skipped mentioned error is thrown. This was fixed in 5.3 but if you don't want to (can't) upgrade you can mark your task as skippable (one of the task properties) and the error will go away.