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    Unable to connect to Teiid instance from JBoss Studio

    Rajesh Peruvemba Newbie


      This is my first post here. Apologies if a similar issue has been raised in this forum and resolved already.


      I'd like to start with what has been installed so far and how before I get to the issue.


      1. I have a VM running Windows Server 2008 R2 64 bit OS. This VM is dedicated for the JBoss EDS and SOA-P server components
      2. Followed the installation guide to install the pre-requisites (such as Ant, JDK)
      3. Installed the JBoss SOA-P components and JBoss EDS on the VM
      4. Uncommented the lines in the followinf properties file(s): soa-user, teiid-security-users
      5. Validated the install using the steps prescribed in the install document
      6. Started the server components using run.bat
      7. Validated that ports 31000 and 31443 were listening
      8. Validated that I can access the Admin console using port 8080
      9. Installed JBoss Developer studio on my desktop and installed the Teiid Plugin
      10. Additionally, installed the JBoss Developer studio on the VM and installed the Teiid Plugin



      1. When I create a Teiid Instance from the studio and hit Test, I get the following error message.
        • Error establishing socket to host and port: <name of my VM>:31443. Reason: Read timed out
      2. When creating the instance, under the Teiid JDBC Connection Info section, I have specified the following values
        • Host: <name of my VM>
        • Port Number: 31000
        • User name: admin
        • Password: admin
      3. Under the Teiid Admin Connection Info, I have specified the following values
        • Port Number: 31443
        • User name: user
        • Password: user
      4. I have repeated this exercise using the Studio on the server [ VM ], and I run into the same error/issue


      In reading through some posts, people have commented about Teiid 7.x being incompatibe with Teiid 8.1. I am not sure, I understand the connection. I thought the client from my desktop was trying to establish a connection to the server [ on my VM ] listening on ports 31000/31443.


      There was also a reference to unzipping a Teiid runtime [ teiid-version-dist.zip or something along those lines ]. I have tried that even though I see a folder called runtime under my Studio install. Addiitonally, the document that refers to this install describes what the final folder structure will look like when the archive is unzipped, but I don't see most of the folders specified in that document, when I unzip the archive. This whole paragraph may be irrelevant in relation to my issue, but I wanted to mention it in case this is the missing piece.


      I have tried to see if there is a documentation that lays out the architecture, so I can see the different moving parts and how they conenct, but I haven't found one with the exception of the high level architecture described in the Install guide.


      Sorry for being so verbose, but any help or lead in the right direction is much appreciated.


      Thanks in advance