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    To blob or not to blob?

    Erik Turesson Novice


      I am developing a webpublishing system.
      I use Jboss 3.0beta2 and currently the Hypersonic database.
      Most of my attributes/colums are short strings (less than 255 characters). However I have one column that can be much longer. It is the column for my articles, the actuall text in each page.

      My question is as follows:
      What is the best datatype for me to use?
      I do not know if the text is 200, 2000 or even 20000 characters long. Shall I use some huge varchar that I dont expect to break or should I use a Blob, or maybee some other solution?

      Is Hypersonic, MySQL and JBoss good at handling Blobs?

      Have I understood Blobs right if it is an object that contains for example a String of unknown size?
      Will Hypersonic... treat it as a blob?

      /Erik Turesson