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    jBPM 3 and strategy for upgrading our application to hibernate 4

    Scott Hughes Newbie

      Currenly I'm working on an application where we have jBPM 3 and hibernate 3 and we want to be able to migrate to hibernate 4.


      jBPM is currently embedded within our application with the application tables and jbpm tables in the same database and our application just uses the jbpm jar files.  jBPM does not support hibernate 4 so in order to migrate to hibernate 4, jBPM will need to be pulled out of the application and run as a separate application or service where it uses hibernate 3 and our application can be migrated to hibernate 4.


      Do most applications embed jBPM within their application or is it recommended to run it separately?  Is there any recommendations approaches on how to go about running these separately?