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    jbpm 5.3 sessions, dispose and SessionInfo table, across machines

    Sam Matsoukis Newbie



      I am using jbpm 5.3 in persisted to db.  Am able to work through most of the setup, but have come across a "leak" of session ids in the SessionInfo table.  This was reported in https://issues.jboss.org/browse/JBPM-3582 and is scheduled to be addressed in jbpm 6.  The SingleSessionCommandService line 360 (jbpm 5.3 final) reads "if ( !(command instanceof DisposeCommand) ) {" where the dispose is explicitly pruned.


      To minimize the "leak" above lead me to reuse sessionIds, where meaningful, by loading sessions by Id.


      This brings me to my question, spurred by discussion in https://community.jboss.org/thread/168837 where session usage, thread safeness and scope is covered.  My question relates to session usage across machines.  Scenario: Machine A and Machine B are failover+loadbalanced duplicates of each other and persist to a common database cluster.  May these two machines load sessions with the same sessionId? Allowed or Not?


      Thanks in advance for any feedback - sam.