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    OSGi Roadmap first half 2013




      I've just come back from the AS8 planning meeting in Brno. It was once again very inspiring and great to see so many colleagues/friends that I hadn't seen for a while.


      Here is a set of stuff that I'd like to get done early next year.


      A) Karaf on AS8 to provide a runtime foundation for Fuse Products


      With the recent Fuse acquisition adds a number of products to our portfolio that use OSGi as their common runtime. From that perspective it makes sense to provide an  AS8 Runtime with JBOSGi on top such that the Fuse products can benefit from AS management and other core features that are common to all RedHat products that build on EAP.


      Tracked by: [AS7-5918]  Complete runtime support for Karaf based products


      B) R5 Core Framework


      Driven by the OSGi Runtime for Fuse we need a R5 compliant OSGi Framework. The TCK has alrady been setup and work on this is underway. This task has many subtask that can be tackled in parallel.


      Tracked by: [JBOSGI-616]  Compliant R5 Core Framework


      C) Optimize OSGi subsystem bootstrap


      The OSGi subsystem in AS7 is alrady activated lazily. However, in many cases users only want to deploy a simple artefact that "happens to be" an OSGi bundle (i.e. a JDBC driver) and do not want to deploy a large set of interconnected bundles that make up a complex modular enterprise application. For those cases the OSGi subsystem should bootstrap in a jiffy and we should not see a performance impact that is worth talking about.


      Tracked by: [AS7-5919]  Optimize OSGi subsystem bootstrap


      D) Complete Enterprise OSGi implementations


      The initial implementations for HttpService, WebApp, JPA, JNDI, etc should get completed. The product can only claim support for these technologies when we have TCK compliants.


      Tracked by:


      [AS7-5083] Complete support for OSGi webapps in JBossWeb

      [AS7-5235] Complete support for HttpService on JBossWeb

      [AS7-5476] Complete support for OSGi JPA

      [AS7-5271] Complete support for OSGi JNDI


      E) OSGi Provisioning Service


      It should be possible to provision the server with a set of capabilities similar to Eclipse plugin installation. For this we need to prime the Repository with the caps/reqs associated with the resources that are already available in the Runtime. The resolver needs to do impact analysis based on a snapshot of caps in the environment. Finally, the resources coming from the repository can be deployed. This functionality could be the foundation to do this at build time such that even subsystems can be layered on a basic Core Runtime.


      Tracked by: [AS7-5920]  OSGi feature provisioning service


      F) CDI/OSGi Integration


      There is a project by Mathieu Ancelin that integrates Weld with OSGi, which should be integrated in AS8.


      Tracked by: [JBOSGI-445] Initial OSGi / CDI Integration


      G) OSGi Subsystem support

      A collection of resources, such as bundles, or other Subsystems, administered as a whole through a Subsystem service


      Tracked by: [AS7-5921] Add support for Enterprise Subsystem Archives


      I look forward to receiving your feedback and of course generally encourage involvement in this tech.