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      • 15. Re: FocusManager proposition
        Jay Balunas Master

        I can't wait to try this out!!


        We need to get 4.0 Alpha2 out, and then I'll have some more time to look at this.  I like what I'm seeing thought, and that idea !!



        • 16. FocusManager proposition
          blabno Master

          Focus component has undergone heavy lifting. It was tested in real life app where lack of several features has been found. Those features are now ready for you:

          • delay focus (usefull when focusing controls inside modal panel)
          • override individual control's clientId or priority and still use only one focus component

          Check out example 6 and 7 of online demo: http://bernard.labno.pl/focus-sample/.

          • 17. FocusManager proposition
            Jay Balunas Master

            Now that RichFaces 4.0.0.Final is nearly out - I want to start talking about getting this component into the 4.1 ( /trunk )!

            • 18. Re: FocusManager proposition
              Ernesto Hernandez Newbie

              Hi guys!



              Im new to Richfaces, can you tell me how can I include or add this custom tag in order to use it in my richfaces project?



              I hope you can help me, Thanks in advance! = )

              • 19. Re: FocusManager proposition
                Pavol Pitonak Master

                Hi Ernesto,


                this component is in RichFaces sandbox repository [1] where you can find also a demo. To start using it, you just need to define this Maven dependency:




                You also need to use JBoss Snapshots repository [2].





                [1] https://github.com/richfaces/sandbox/tree/develop/focus

                [2] https://repository.jboss.org/nexus/content/repositories/snapshots/

                • 20. Re: FocusManager proposition
                  Lukáš Fryč Master

                  Hey guys,


                  I did extensive review of what has been done prior art - collected information from this thread, issue tracker as well as third-party implementations.


                  I have also considered collected requirements and I think original Bernard's implementation can be re-used, but with modifications.




                  and as I result, I collected following requirements for Focus components:


                  • component scoped + AJAX-aware
                    • works on the level of all inputs inside given component during both partial and full page request
                    • can be placed either by h:body, h:form or any container component
                    • focus is applied after each rendering of focusManager once document is ready or after AJAX request
                    • ajaxRendererd="true" by default
                  • validation-aware
                    • for setting up focus for first invalid input component (enabled by default)
                  • last focused element should not lose focus
                    • (optional mode) focus should be preserved after full/ajax request (for given component)
                  • tabindex aware (replacing priority attribute from p:focus from Bernard)
                    • the focus should respect tabindex attribute (particularly in case of validation-aware mode)
                  • delayed focus
                    • expose API for setting up focus to input inside DOM which has not been initially visible (e.g. modal panel)
                  • non-JSF input / multi-component support
                    • @selector attribute
                  • support for selectOneRadio's options
                    • via @selector attribute
                  • programatic API for setting focus to component


                  Btw I would like to emphasize difference between Bernard's components and my proposal:


                  • reworked user API to align with core component suite
                  • using tabindex instead of priority
                  • added preservation of input focus
                  • no need to implicitly specify focus for components


                  User API


                  From the requirements, there is following proposal for user API:



                  Focus will be applied for all forms (either full page submits or AJAX requests).

                  The currently selected component will be focused after full/ajax update.

                      <r:focus preserve="true" />


                  Focus will ignore results of validation, inputB will be always focused after initial page request (nothing will be selected after AJAX request):

                      <r:focus validationAware="false" ajaxRendered="false" />
                      <h:inputText id="inputA" tabindex="3" />
                      <h:inputText id="inputB" tabindex="2" />


                  First input in modal panel will be focused once the modal is shown:

                  <r:modalPanel id="modal" onshow="#{r:component('modalFocusManager')}.applyFocus()">
                      <r:focus name="modalFocusManager" delayed="true" />    


                  When r:focus placed in input component, its focus will be preserved no matter what (ignoring r:focusManager settings).

                  Not implemented in 4.3 (you can use FocusManager service instead)

                      <r:focus preserve="true" />


                  Non-JSF Input sample:

                  <input id="htmlInput" />
                  <r:focus selector="#htmlInput" />



                  Additionally, there should be API for implicitly setting the component which should obtain focus (both full and partial requests):






                  I would appreciate any feedback on what you think about the user API and requirements!

                  • 23. Re: FocusManager proposition
                    Lukáš Fryč Master

                    Okay, during implementation we found some issues:


                    • FocusManager needs to be form-oriented
                      • otherwise you can't decide what focus should be applied at the end
                      • so there can be just one non-delayed form-wide focus


                    I have decided don't implement r:focus right now, my proposal is to:


                    • rename r:focusManager to r:focus
                    • implement r:focus as nestable to another components later, if required
                      • it would allow rewriting per-component settings
                      • use FocusManager service as a workaround for enforcing focus to particular component
                    • 24. Re: FocusManager proposition
                      Lukáš Fryč Master

                      I have updated last proposal ^ so that it reflects current implementation state:

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