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    Graphene 2 Roadmap


      Hey guys,


      I have created proposal for Graphene 2 roadmap (in JIRA) through Alpha3 to Final. There are some issue highlights:




      • Page Fragment enrichment - Alpha2 got Page Fragments - we are further improving it by allowing to inject any Arquillian enrichment into Page Fragments
      • jQuery locators - even though CSS selectors are powerful, web developers values how straight-forward and expressive jQuery (aka Sizzle) locators can be




      • GhostDriver/PhantomJS support - the support will be introduced into Drone and we will make sure it works cleanly with Graphene
      • Interceptors - Graphene proxy already supports WebDriver API interception, so we want to expose it to user using fluent API for defining interceptors
      • XHR Halter - ability to intercept AJAX request and verify state of the page before it is sent, in the middle of the request and once request is completed
      • Forge & tooling support
      • Drone Event System - Drone will get new even system for support of its extensions which will simplify Graphene integration a lot
        • relies on Drone release


      On the way to Final, we would like to improve documentation and write fair amount of blogs.


      If any of the proposed features appeals to you or you would like to join us in a effort of writing blogs or improving documentation, don't hesitate to reach us and contribute to the project!

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          May I suggest another feature? I don't like how WebDriver works with frames. I have to constantly switch between frames, I cannot simply "inject" element from a specific frame. I would love to have something like the following:


          @FindBy(id = "menuBar")

          @InFrame(id = "header")

          private MenuBarFragment menuBar;


          In this case Graphene should switch to frame "header" before any operation on menuBar and switch back to previous frame after (today, I have to do it manually). Elements not annotated with @InFrame should work on current frame just as today.


          I don't know if it is already on the roadmap (Graphene or Selenium); sorry, I'm too lazy to go through all the issues. It seems to me that it is not too complex to do it with Arquillian/Graphene - you only need one more interceptor.



          htfv (Aliaksei Lahachou)

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            Hey Aliaksei,


            your proposal seems awesome!


            This real use case scenarioes is exactly what we target to improve in Graphene.


            You could start with creating feature request for Graphene 2: https://issues.jboss.org/browse/ARQGRA




            On a technical note, I don't think it will be hard to implement this nowadays.

            As you said it seems just like a matter of adding interceptor, which will be built-in feature in Graphene Beta1.

            But this means we need to allow interceptors on the level of page fragments, which is not built-in now,

            and additonally we need to test that those interceptors will be propagated to whole graph of objects under top-level fragment.

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