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    Advice with process design - is this possible?

    Anton Hughes Master



      I'm new to jBPM, so I'm not sure if the following is possible, and so would like to hear feedback, advice on how to achieve the following.


      I would like to have:

      A process that is started from an external event.

      The process then initialized a class, called Strategy. This class is long running. And while running it fires events at random intervals. Lets call these events 'ticks'.

      The process should handle each tick event - there will be many of them, not just one - and a follow up process will print these ticks to the console.

      The process should also handle a stop external event. This terminates the process.


      I visualize the process as looking like the below:

      highlevel PoC of Strategy processes.png


      Is this possible? Is this how the process would look? Are there any quick starts that provide similar, or related examples that I can learn from?


      Thanks and regards,