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    Registering Custom Session Manager


      We are taking advantage of this.  We are using the jbpm.session.manager system property to add our own SessionManager in SessionManagerFactory.


      This is great.


      However it is coded to use a system property:

              String sessionManager = System.getProperty("jbpm.session.manager");


      This would make more sense to me as a jbpm.console.properties property, and would require less messing about with the Java command line.


      There are other places in the code where you check for a jbpm property and use the system property as a fallback - can this be changed accordingly in the next version?

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          Maciej Swiderski Master

          It was done like this on purpose as jbpm.console.properties are used by KnowledgeBaseManager default implementation that could be replaced with custom one as well and thus these two are separated. So you could have a custom implementation of knowledge base manager that does what is needed and set all system properties are required down the road as it will be invoked first.