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    JBM_MSG column timestamp means ?

    Bond Chan Novice

      Hi ~



      1)I encountered a quite strange problem, in the jbm_msg table and jbm_msg_ref table we have about 8k rows and 12k rows respectively at 14 Sept, and the column "timestamp" in table jbm_msg table is range from "10 Sept to 13 Sept", and we have another monitor tools tracing every request generating how many messages and monitor how many messages left, the monitor tool shows no message left at 10 Sept, all consumed, So what's the meaning of column "timestamp" in table jbm_msg? where are these messages come from ?



      2)the application is 4 nodes cluster to 1 oracle database, and the application server restart at 13 Sept, I found the queue_channel in jbm_msg(or jbm_postoffice) have been changed after restart, so does it means ? the history message will not consumed after started ?


      #Jboss EAP 4.2.3




      thanks in advance