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    Is it possible to create task with multiple groupId constraint?

    Thomas Setiabudi Expert



      Lets say we have two user grouping tables:

      1. UserDepartment -> this table maps user with department like Accounting, Human Resource, or Marketing. sample record would be: (thomas, Accounting)

      2. UserJobTitle -> this table maps user with job title like staff, supervisor, or manager. sample record would be: (thomas, Supervisor)


      Now, we have a human task in our process, the human task can be done by any Supervisor in Accounting department.


      How do we do it?



      Based on IRC chat with Maciej: By Default Group Assignment is based on OR operator


      The only workaround that I can use for now is to manipulate the group name, concatenate it to one single String like this:




      That works, but it adds more complication as we have more and more group combination, lets say instead of those two groups, we have three more tables.


      Any idea?


      Is it a good candidate to ask a feature request for this requirement?