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    Update the Parameter values

    tmmaluleke Newbie



      How can I update the parameter values if I have this coding:


      Map<String, Object> params= new HashMap<String, Object>();

      params.put("studentId", "1234");

      params.put("studentName", "Alvinah");


      ksession.startProcess("com.registerstudent", params);



      How can I update the values (1234, Alvinah). studentId and studentName is my variables.



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          Maciej Swiderski Master

          either use processInstance.setVariable or use data output mapping to set new values after activity is executed.



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            tmmaluleke Newbie

            Hello Maciej,


            Thanx for the reply, I don't understand where am I suppose to code the processInstance.setVariable.


            Let me explain into more details what I'm trying to do, lets take we have a Student Registration System, we have more than one Student registering to the system when the student is done filling the Registration form the information is saved in to mysql database but the Student must wait for an Administrator to validate the inputed information and when the Administrator has Validated the information the signal is sent to a student that he/she is approved. So my question is when the Administrator is done validating the first student I want the process to update the parameters value to the next student so that the Administrator can validate the second student information.