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    JBoss aop not working with Sun-Jax-Ws classes


      I have implemented a Sun-Jax-Ws webservice. The problem is when i deploy JBoss aop, it is not intercepting the classes like below.  Is there any thing extra i need configure in JBoss when i have these kind of classes which already using Spring.


      @WebService(targetNamespace = "http://www.in.com/CHS",

                          portName = "CHSPort", serviceName = "CHSService",

                          endpointInterface = "com.in.chs.ws.CHSPortType")

      @HandlerChain(file = "WEB-INF/handlers.xml")

      public class CHSServiceImpl extends SpringBeanAutowiringSupport implements CHSPortType {


                private static Logger log = Logger.getLogger(CHSServiceImpl.class);



                protected ValidateRequest validateRequest;



                protected GESClient gesClient;



                protected Config config;





      <bind pointcut="execution(* com.chs.CHSServiceImpl->*(..))">

                           <interceptor-ref name="LoggerAspect"/>