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    Classloading Issues

    sacarro Newbie

      I am deploying an inbound/outbound enabled resource adapter (test.rar) and an Singleton Session EJB in a standalone jar (ejb-test.jar).


      Within the resource adapter, I have included an ironjacamar.xml that defines the connection definition. When I deploy the rar, I see the connection factory get bound to the correct JNDI name.


      Within the EJB, I include in MANIFEST.MF the line "Dependencies: deployment.test.rar", and additionally annotate the Singleton Session Bean with "@ResourceAdapter("test.rar")". Within tje Singleton Session Bean class, I have an @Resource annotation with the mappedName property set to the bound name from the resource adapter deployment.


      When I deploy the EJB however, I still get a class not found exception from the @Resource injected class. Am I missing a step? I am running with the latest 7.1.1 JBoss AS baseline. I have also tried using the jboss-ejb3.xml with no luck.