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    JBPM 5.3 on Tomcat 6

    Umesh Bude Newbie

      Hi experts,

      I'm new to JBPM and trying to adapt it for one of our projects. It looks promising but to go further I need some help.

      I want to install JBPM 5.3 on Tomcat 6. I could find documentation about JBPM 5.3 on Tomcat 7 but unable to find for Tomcat 6.

      Is JBPM 5.3 supported on Tomact 6? If yes, could you point me to install guide/blog?

      If no, what is the latest version that works on Tomcat 6?


      Our existing apps aren't ready yet to move to Tomcat 7, so we can not upgrate from Tomcat 6.