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    Interprocess communication [Message flow]

    Salman Hameed Newbie


      As we have pools in BPMN2 modeler so is it possible to draw a diagram with multiple pools and execute it in jBPM? Does jBPM engine execute a diagram with multiple pools as it's not supported in Activiti. It's available in Bonita Open Solution.

      If it's not possible in jBPM then how do we pass messages among two pools (processes)?


      I want to have two different processes in same guvnor repository (or in different repositories on different machines) and want to pass a message from one process to the other process. What I have in mind is to write a java program which will get the variable value from one process and set the variable in the other process. Is it right? Is inter process communication available by default in jBPM? If not then how will we achieve it in jBPM? I would like to mention that Bonia Open Solution has interprocess communication by default using the construct Message Flow.


      Thank you in anticipation.