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    Can jBPM process automation be embedded into an existing Java project?

    Shawn Poulson Newbie

      I'm looking for a framework for automating an approval workflow in a custom developed Java webapp.  The curent workflow logic is entirely manual and doesn't scale.  It appears that jBPM is an ideal solution for mapping out the process workflow.


      What I would prefer to do is attempt to embed jBPM to run entirely within the existing project and database (which happens to be Sybase ASE).  I read over the user guide and looked over the samples.  What's not clear to me is how to use anything other than the demo installation.  Some of the key questions I have are:


      1) Demo runs its database in H2.  How do I migrate to another database?  Will I need to replicate the schema manually or are there scripts?

      2) I'm not understanding why the human task service runs as an external service.  Couldn't I launch it in-process of my webapp project?  If so, how is this done?


      I apologize if any of these questions are clearly in a manual somewhere.  Hopefully someone can direct me to better understanding the product to see if it works for me.