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    Is Picketlink a Fit?

    John Ament Master

      Hi All,


      So after reading through Picketlink's docs I think it might be a fit, but there may be a few gaps for us.  What we're looking at:


      - Allow for OpenID authentication against any number of providers (assuming Google's going to be the largest)

      - Allow for authentication against an internal SAML (URL is dynamic at runtime, not configured.  It's assumed that specific URLs in our app will point to different SAML URLs externally).

      - Allow for connections to a number of LDAP servers (ldap host is dynamic and ldap structure is dynamic).


      I'm thinking we can create a new authenticator that wraps the other authenticators together and uses their logic; but perhaps connect to an EJB to do some of the database retrieval.  For example, we'll know which authenticator to pick based on URL accessed (one idea at least).