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    why the ProcessInstanceInfo is empty when i have started a task in JBPM5.3 ?

    pichunhan pi Newbie

      In my project i have used the JBPM5.3, mysql,tomcat, spring and hibernate, and the entityManagerFactory was made by spring .

      and when i started a process by using the StatefulKnowledgeSession's startProcess method, then these table (task;i18ntext;peopleassignments_bas;content;peopleassignments_exclowners;peopleassignments_recipients;peopleassignments_stakeholders; ) were persisted

      but the ProcessInstanceInfo table was empty .

            then i started another task ,and it was be OK ! but when i restarted the web server , the column processInstanceId in task table was restart from one , because of this ,i think the table ProcessInstanceInfo has some problem .

           in my opinion , i think when i start a task , then ProcessInstanceInfo is also must be persisted in the db ,because the ProcessInstanceInfo in the memory is not safe , it must be persisted in the db.


      there some code about my project , sorry for my english.