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Configure RESTeasy to serialize date in JSON as ISO-8601 strings

Thomas Zlika Newbie

Hi all,


I have a JAX-RS application using JBoss AS 7.1, and I POST/GET JSON and XML objects which include Dates (java.util.Date):


public class MyObject implements Serializable
    @XmlSchemaType(name = "dateTime")
    private Date date;



When I use @Produce("application/xml") on the get method, the objets are serialized as XML and the dates are converted into ISO-8601 strings (e.g. "2012-12-10T14:50:12.123+02:00").


However, if I use @Produce("application/json") on the get method, the dates in the JSON objects are timestamps (e.g. "1355147452530") instead of ISO-8601 strings.


I also tried to use a custom JAX-RS provider to do the JSON serialization for Dates


public class CustomJsonDateProvider implements MessageBodyWriter<Date>



This provider seems to be registered by RESTeasy on JBoss startup:


    [org.jboss.jaxrs] Adding JAX-RS provider classes: package.CustomJsonDateProvider
    [org.jboss.resteasy.cdi.CdiInjectorFactory] No CDI beans found for class package.CustomJsonDateProvider. Using default ConstructorInjector.



but it is never used !


How can I do to configure the JAX-RS implementation (RESTEasy) to serialize dates in JSON format as ISO-8601 strings instead of timestamps ?


Thank you for your answers.