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    Task cannot have more than one incoming connection?

    gtn66 Newbie

      Hi Everybody,


      I'm jBPM-newbie and i need some help.


      I have installed jbpm-5.4.0.Final using the full installer. After starting the eclipse (with ant start.demo)  I have created a new jBPM project and modelled a new Process using BPMN2 Modeler.


      After process validation i get the following error: "This type of node cannot have more than one incoming connection".


      I know that the same problem has been solved see https://issues.jboss.org/browse/JBPM-3586.


      But my question is: where to set the system property (-Djbpm.enable.multi.con=true)   concretely?


      I don't know how to do that


      Thanks in Advance for any answer.


      PS: I hope that I'm in the right dicussion forum to ask such question.