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    Richfaces 4 / JSF 2 - Dispatch/Redirect : Page Rendering Issue:High

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      Am using Richfaces 4 with JSF 2. The problem is , when i give any request as URL then it goes fine.


      From Action , based on out come , if it gets forwarded to any view id (i.e xhtml page) ,


      <rich:calendar> component is working fine. But when i give <rich:panel> <rich:dataTable> <rich:collapisiblePanel> like so components are not at all working as panel / collapisble panel.


      Am not understanding the logic behind this. Whe nthe same page works when it is invoked as a request from URL , why it could not work when is dispatched from faces_config.file.


      The point here again is , it is able to forward to given to-view-id , rendering <rich:calendar> component. When i try to choose any date , am seeing as all html kind of output. <panel:grid> also goes fine.


      Am not sure what is making this problem to fix the issue. Could you please help me on this. Please see the image below, where in panel shows only kind of html label. Not sure where is the problem.