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    ModeShape 3 with ISPN JDBC cache - MySQL vs H2 performance

    Petr Široký Newbie



      I am trying to setup Guvnor (http://www.jboss.org/drools/drools-guvnor) to use ModeShape 3. From functional point of view, everything seems to work.


      I am using ISPN JDBC cache with H2 and MySQL to persist the data. Problem is that with MySQL the performance is ~3 times worse than with H2. I understand that there should be some decrease when using "real" database, but 3 times seems a much more that I would expect.


      For comparison, same use case with jackrabbit takes with Derby (also embedded db) and mysql roughly same time (10s vs 12s). The MS3 result with H2 is 9s and with MySQL 25s.


      I don't really know much about Infinispan configuration, so there might be some parameters that could improve the performance. Any suggestions?