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    jboss-packaging-maven-plugin jboss-esb + m2e

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           Does jboss-packaging-maven-plugin m2e connector work for jboss-esb? When I import a maven jboss-esb project into eclipse (m2e installed), it does not covert it into an Eclipse JBoss ESB (facet is not enabled and dependecies are not set) project. I tried almost all versions of eclipse, m2e, jboss tools and jboss soa tools, to make it work, but no use. This is my work around for now


      1. Turn on facet nature and enable JBOSS ESB nature.

      2. Then it get recognized as a deployable artifact on JBoss server.

      3. Manually add all dependencies in "Deployment and Assembly section".


      What I was expecting was all steps should have been done by m2e jboss esb (jboss-packaging-maven-plugin) connector. I could not find a relevant post or article related to it. Does this feature ever supported?


      Thank you in advance.