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      How to change the tabPanel default styleClass.
      please some one provide me with an example.

      thanks in advance.

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          Hi Kristein,


          Did you get any idea how to do this?


          even i am looking for a solution to change the tab header color for all the active tabs.

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            Have you guys looked at the VDL doc for the tabPanel?



            @Kristein Rutherford: I believe you are looking for the styleClass attribute


            @Shankar N: I believe you are looking for the tabActiveHeaderClass attribute

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              HI Brian,


              is tabActiveHeaderClass available in the Richfaces 3.3?


              i am using Richfaces 3.3 not 4.x.

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                Hi Kristien & Shankar,


                If not already done, you can acheive this by overriding the default syle classes provided by richfaces.


                Keep the required style attributes in below classes,


                rf-tbp {}

                rf-tab-hdr {}

                rf-tab-hdr-act {} 

                rf-tab-hdr-inact {} 

                rf-tab-hdr-top {}






                With IE developer toolbar you can easily findout the default style classes used for each component.