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    About the Quickstarts

    James Freitas Newbie

      Hello, everybody!!


      I am a totally newbie at JBoss Development.  I have tested all the Quickstarts (HelloWorld, Login, NumberGuess, etc) and they have worked fine, but I would like to take the next step!


      I mean, I would like initially to create these applications from the scratch, but I am not sure how to do it.


      For instance I was trying to create a HelloWorld application by my own hands, but what Project should I create ?  When I use  Java EE Web Project, it comes with a lot of components that I don't use for such a simple task. 


      Is there a how to for QuickStarts creation?   Can you help me out?   

      Just the initial step, I mean, the kind of project that I should create for these Quickstarts, would be already a great help...



      Thank you