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    Problem with a4j:jsFunction data in Richfaces 4

    Arndt Schönberg Newbie



      I have defined a function like this im my JSF2 Project


      <a4j:jsFunction ajaxSingle="true" data="#{sBOsmShow.longitude}" name="centerAndZoom" oncomplete="alert(data)">



      I trigger this function from a a4j:commandButton


      <a4j:commandButton value="Anzeigen" onclick="centerAndZoom();" execute="zoomDataGrid"/>


      After clicking the button no alert-box is displayed. The getLogitude is called in the session bean. If I change alert(data) to alert('test') the "test" is displayed. It seems there is a problem using data from the sessionbean as parameter fpr the javascript function.


      Richfaces 4.3.2

      JBoss 7.1.1


      Can some help me?