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    JBoss domain dynamic port offset configuration

    Abhishekh Padmanabhan Newbie

      cannot seem to get configuring port-offsets via properties file on the domain managed setup to start multiple server instances in a server group. 

      I have the following configuration in host.xml

      <servers> <server name="instance-one" group="main-server-group" auto-start="true"> <socket-bindings port-offset="${jboss.instance1.offset}"/> </server> <server name="instance-two" group="main-server-group" auto-start="true"> <!-- server-two avoids port conflicts by incrementing the ports in the default socket-group declared in the server-group --> <socket-bindings port-offset="${jboss.instance2.offset}"/> </server> </servers>

      The properties are configured via properties file


      jboss.domain.base.dir=custom-domain jboss.instance1.offset=10300 jboss.instance2.offset=20300

      And I try to startuo the domain using

      ./domain.sh -P=custom-domain.properties


      The problem is that the jboss.instance1.offset and jboss.instance2.offset are not being applied to the corresponding properties in the host.xml. If I have hardcoded values in the host.xml it appears to start up instance 1 and instance 2 on the hardcoded port offsets.


      Does custom property configuration/interpolation via properties file not work in domain setup ? Or am I missing something ?


      Thanks for any information.