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        I have found simply opening the task manager and stopping services (in my case atgsearch.exe) helped with this problem.

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          You can fire this command on windows machine’s command prompt-

                     netstat -ano

          You will get to know which port is used by which process and then kill that specific process. 

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            Hi Guys,


            I saw this thread on my email update from jboss community and since I already pass through this problem and resolved then like charm . I will share the solution with you guys.

            So What happens is some windows process use random port to it services, so sometimes it get the jboss port which is terrible.


            So, you can tell windows like this: Man do not use these ports, I am using then!! How to do it? Simple:


            Just add a configuration on windows registry to reserve the ports that you don't want windows to use. And where to put this configuration?


            Open the Registry editor (regedit) then go to this path



            then create a new Multi-string value with name ReservedPorts then edit then and add the range of ports that you do not want windows to use here i put 1020-9000

            restart your machine and you will not have this problem ever again, unless of course, you delete this configuration or some other program outside MS window use this ports...


            Here I have to do this for 60 developers so, I create a file of type .reg (jboss-ports-range.reg) with this configuration and told to every one double click then!

            The file has to have this content:



            Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00








            I hope it helps you guys

            and SORRY ABOUT MY ENGLISH... i know it is terrible!

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