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    How to setup a custom server plugin so that the user can create a new instance of it when they need to use the plugin?

    Claudianus Adjai Newbie

      Hello -

      I just wrote a custom server plugin to be used to monitor user defined repositories and upon discovery of new contents, create a bundle and add it to JON. This is using the scheduling capability of server plugins so that the user can control the schedule of the job via cron expression. I defined it as a generic type server plugin with the parameters needed defined as part of the scheduled job element of the server plugin schema. But what I want to do is allow the user to define the parameter values for a new instance of the scheduled job similar to how a user can define a new repository under content or define a new bundle under provisioning, so that they can multiple instances of this plugin running. So my question is how do I achieve that? Right now my plugin is imported and located under the server plugin page and I can only fill out the values for a single instance of the job under there. I tried to use ControlFacet to see if I can define control operations like new, update, delete to be used to interect with a new instance of this plugin but I was not sure that is the way to do it. Any help is greatly appreciated.