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    JBoss Security (and LDAP)

    Chris Burrell Newbie



      I'm using JBoss AS7. Currently it is fronted by Apache HTTPD and ensures all calls are authenticated via LDAP. I've been trying to get my WAR file to use JBoss itnernal security, but to no avail. My questions are as follows:


      - I want any and every call to any application deployed in JBoss to be authenticated by LDAP (same LDAP in all cases). Is this possible?

      - Is this possible while remaining container agnostic (i.e. I want to configure JBoss, and all my WAR cares about is that it is provided a Security Principal as it would be if Apache HTTPD was fronting it).

      - If so, is there an example I can follow? It seems the AS7 documentation is a bit sketchy/incomplete.