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    listMessagesAsJson not working through jmx


      Hi all,

      I'm using hornetq for awhile now and it's been ok until recently.

      I have a problem like this: i have some messages that are "stuck" in the queue (i am working with in client-acknowledge mode, so the problem may be that some of my consumers are holding the messages and are not sending acknowledgements).

      I am using JConsole to look at the queue, i can see that the message counter is rising but yet when i try to "listMessagesAsJson" i get an empty result

      for reference, i tried sending them to dead later queue (transacted mode and throwing RuntimeExceptions on purpose) and in the DLQ i can actually see both the messageCounter and the "listMessagesAsJson" actually DOES work on the DLQ (i'm getting the message list)

      However, i cannot fathom the difference between the DLQ and my ordinary queue.

      Can anyone help me out here?

      Thanks in advance