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    Custom work handler not found in classpath


      Hi, I've been trying to follow this guide and can't get my custom work item handler running (I made a new email handler that uses the javax library). I've tested it independently and have sent emails with it. Unfortunately when I try to execute a process using the Email service task I get an error saying "Could not find work item handler for Email".


      I have updated CustomWorkHandlers.conf as shown on that page. I've deployed my NewEmailHandler.jar inside jbpm-gwt-console-server.war.


      The structure of my .jar file is NewEmailHandler/com/sample/NewEmailHandler.class.


      I've found a similar issue on this page where they suggest checking the classpath setting. Does anyone have advice on this? I set my package for NewEmailHandler.java as "com.sample" just because I've been following examples that did the same thing. I'm relatively certain I've deployed my .jar to the correct location and set my CustomWorkHandlers.conf correctly, so I'm not sure what to try next.