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    Packages not found error

    Ryan Martz Newbie

      I can't seem to get an appliance to build when trying to include packages.  I think this is similar to this


      , but I added the URLs like Marek suggested and am getting the same errors.  Here's my .appl file:




      name: SampleJeOS

      summary: Just Enough Operating System based

      version: 1


        name: centos

        version: 6

        password: secretPassword # this will be the password for root


        cpus: 2

        memory: 1024



            size: 20


            size: 10


            size: 5


          - @core

          - gcc

          - glibc

          - compat-db43.i686

          - compat-expat1.i686

          - openssl.i686

          - libcom_err.i686

          - libgcc.i686

          - keyutils-libs.i686

          - libselinux.i686

          - apr.i686

          - util.i686

          - krb5-libs.i686

          - compat-openldap.i686

          - nspr.i686

          - unixODBC.i686

          - cyrus-sasl-lib.i686

          - libstdc++.i686

          - compat-libstdc++-33.i686

          - libX11.i686

          - libXau.i686

          - libXdmcp.i686

          - zlib.i686

          - glibc-devel.i686

      default_repos: true


        - name: "rpmfusion-free"

          mirrorlist: "http://mirrors.rpmfusion.org/mirrorlist?repo=free-centos-6&arch=x86_64"



      I get a FATAL "Packages not found" though:



      {code} FATAL -- : RuntimeError: Packages gcc, glibc, compat-db43.i686, compat-expat1.i686, openssl.i686, libcom_err.i686, libgcc.i686, keyutils-libs.i686, libselinux.i686, apr.i686, util.i686, krb5-libs.i686, compat-openldap.i686, nspr.i686, unixODBC.i686, cyrus-sasl-lib.i686, libstdc++.i686, compat-libstdc++-33.i686, libX11.i686, libXau.i686, libXdmcp.i686, zlib.i686, glibc-devel.i686, curl, grub, kernel, system-config-firewall-base for SampleJeOS appliance not found in repositories. Please check package names in appliance definition file.

      /usr/share/gems/gems/boxgrinder-build-0.10.4/lib/boxgrinder-build/plugins/os/rpm-based/rpm-dependency-validator.rb:62:in `resolve_packages'

      /usr/share/gems/gems/boxgrinder-build-0.10.4/lib/boxgrinder-build/plugins/os/rpm-based/rpm-based-os-plugin.rb:67:in `build_with_appliance_creator'

      /usr/share/gems/gems/boxgrinder-build-0.10.4/lib/boxgrinder-build/plugins/os/rhel/rhel-plugin.rb:33:in `build_rhel'

      /usr/share/gems/gems/boxgrinder-build-0.10.4/lib/boxgrinder-build/plugins/os/centos/centos-plugin.rb:44:in `execute'

      /usr/share/gems/gems/boxgrinder-build-0.10.4/lib/boxgrinder-build/plugins/base-plugin.rb:172:in `run'

      /usr/share/gems/gems/boxgrinder-build-0.10.4/lib/boxgrinder-build/appliance.rb:184:in `execute_plugin'

      /usr/share/gems/gems/boxgrinder-build-0.10.4/lib/boxgrinder-build/appliance.rb:207:in `execute_without_userchange'

      /usr/share/gems/gems/boxgrinder-build-0.10.4/lib/boxgrinder-build/appliance.rb:129:in `block in execute_plugin_chain'

      /usr/share/gems/gems/boxgrinder-build-0.10.4/lib/boxgrinder-build/appliance.rb:125:in `each'

      /usr/share/gems/gems/boxgrinder-build-0.10.4/lib/boxgrinder-build/appliance.rb:125:in `execute_plugin_chain'

      /usr/share/gems/gems/boxgrinder-build-0.10.4/lib/boxgrinder-build/appliance.rb:164:in `create'

      /usr/share/gems/gems/boxgrinder-build-0.10.4/bin/boxgrinder-build:203:in `<top (required)>' {code}


      I've added the CentOS repositories to my /etc/yum.repos.d/ directory and can install any of those packages using yum from the command line.  My understanding from Marek's earlier post is is that I should not even need to do that...just specify the remote repo URL. 


      I apologize if I'm missing something simple here...but I've searched the GoogleMachine and the discussion on this site and tried everything I can think of.  Any help would be appreciated.  If the answer's allready out there, just point me to it.