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    JTA in jBPM5.4 on jBoss7.1.1 is inconsistent - Urgent help please


      Hi All,


          Iam doing a prototype to evaluate jBPM5 for using it in a web application. I have defined a simple process StartUseCase -> CheckDuplicateOperator -> PersistOperator -> EndUseCase.

          In StartUseCase and EndUseCase activities Iam calling LocalTaskService to start and complete the user task respectively. I can't use HumanTask here due to some other reason. Following are the technology stack Iam using.


          JBoss7.1.1 Application server

          Spring MVC 3.0.5




      Problem: When I create a persistable session I get the exception "java.lang.IllegalStateException: BaseTransaction.rolback - ARJUNA01604: no transaction!" When I inspect the stack trace further I see "java.sql.SQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException: ORA-00001: unique constraint (JBPM.SYS_C0010966) violated"


          The above integrity constraint violation which is related to primary key in SESSIONINFO table is strange to me, as Iam not having any control over there and it is jBPM's responsibility to insert and update the session information. I also noticed the first line of exception some times during the end of my process, while it is updating the information in DB about the process and this behaviour is sporadic.


          It is even strange to me that if I restart the jBoss Application server it works fine with out any exception huff... Am I doing any thing wrong here ? I have attached all of my handlers along with persistence.xml and spring configuration, your quick help is appreciated.


         To look at the code you can start at OperatorController.saveOperator which is the trigger point for the process.