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    Tattletale reports and archives


      Running Tattletale on an exploded ear directory from a script we wrote gives information that does not seem correct or useful. The hierarchical structure of the EAR is correct. The only archive I see is jdom.jar on the first page of index.html.


      Unpacking the archive normally gives all the war and jar archives. All these archives have jboss-deployment-structure.html files. Running it on the same EAR unexploded archive file gives information that makes more sense. The archive that is listed in index.html on the bottom is the expected EAR archive link. Drilling down on this link gives the WAR files (multiple files in EAR). But the JBoss AS7 report gives a jboss-deployment-structure.xml file that does not show any WAR files as sub-deployments. There are no archive war reports, unless the WAR links that are seen in the EAR are the same thing.