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    Service Task + Error Boundary Event ?

    wishmaster7 Newbie

      Hi all,


      I am using a Service Task which calls a Java method, and I'd like to know how to handle exceptions in the jBPM process. I've tried to design it with a Boundary Event (see attached screenshot) but I'm not sure if it works and how I can trigger it from my Java method.


      Can someone please help me?



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          wishmaster7 Newbie

          well... I have found a way to trigger the boundary event, it works this way :


          String serviceTaskId = "ServiceTask_1";

          String errorCode = "Error";

          ksession.signalEvent("Error-"+serviceTaskId+"-"+errorCode, "", processInstance.getId());




          if I am in a sub-process, the "Fail" node is triggered, but the sub-process is not completed => we don't reach the next node in the parent process.


          the boundary event has an attribute:  cancelActivity="true" . but it seems the process is still waiting for something to happen in the sub-process. and I haven't been able to manually abort the service task (not even sure if it's the solution).


          I've also tried with a "Terminate Definition" on the "Fail" node, it doesn't solve the problem.



          does someone has an idea of what I should do ?