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    Query regarding Hornetq 2.3.0Final release date

    Prashant S Newbie


      We intend to use Hornetq in our project for JMS. We have evaluated 2.2.14.Final and 2.3.0.CR1 and found that version 2.3 is best suited for our requirements since we need to handle JMS destination full exception. Hornetq version 2.3 has an option for address-full-policy named ‘FAIL’ which throws an exception when the queue size has reached maximum limit. Please note we cannot use address-full-policy named ‘DROP’ since it silently drops the message.


      Please let us know when Hornetq 2.3.0 Final is scheduled for release?  

      In case version 2.3.0 Final is delayed, is there any way to handle this scenario in version 2.2?