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    What is actually the processId and does it depend on the process version?



      I'm a bit confused with the ksession.createProcessInstance(String processId, Map<String,Object>parameters) API.


      Is the processId dependant on the version of the process I want to launch or do all versions of processes of a given name have the same processId?


      Le'ts suppose I have a process with name "MyProcess", and version "1.0" is deployed.

      I deploy  version "2.0" of this process.

      How am I supposed to launch process instances of the new version of the process?

      Do they both have the same processId (this is wierd to me since it's no longer an ID then)?


      What I need is some kind of "launch process instance by name" that would pick up the latest version of this process definition, given a process name.