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    Insert message into process running in gwt-console-server *from external app*


      I'm a jBPM noob running jBPM5.4 in AS7.  I have installed the jbpm console and console server as well as Guvnor and desginer.  I am able to create a process in Guvrnor and run that process from the Console.


      Now, I want to write a java application that sends a message (/event) to the process.  I can do that from eclipse using the jBPM example, but my goal is to create the process in guvnor, run it in gwt-console-server, have my java app feed information to the process, then be able to view the current state in the jbpm Console.


      I assume I need to access the knowledgesession running in the gwt-console-server, but I'm not sure how to do that.  Is it safe to access/mondify a session that is persisted out to a database (ie, both gwt-console-server and my custom app would be able to modify it) and then the jbpm console would read from it?


      Can someone point me to an example of this or suggest ways to do it?


      Thanks vm,